Thursday, January 14, 2016


Just as you are thinking about a person from your past, you hear a song ring out from a coffee shop. The song is rarely played now, but it was very important in your relationship. This is no mere coincidence. You feel sure you have received a sign.

Experiences like this are familiar to the soul. Events come together that cannot be explained logically but have great inner meaning. They spark deep connections in the mind and heart. You may feel their impact as a soft electric charge, an underground shift, or a sense of awe. (See my post, "Did You Receive a Sign?")

But how can you understand what is the sign trying to tell you? 
First, give the sign your attention and respect. Don't immediately dismiss the event as a random happenchance. Offer your visitor a chance to deliver its gifts. I approach signs with this attitude: 
"My psyche and the Cosmos worked together to create this sign just for me. At some level, I already know what message it holds. Now my mind can enjoy discovering the meaning more fully."
The next step is to wonder, "What is this sign asking of me?" Genuine signs invite us to some kind of action, whether external or internal.  Use your imagination to explore the possibilities. Is it time to make contact with the person in question? Picture yourself writing or calling. Now notice how you respond inside. If you feel a sense of peace or a gentle elevation of spirit, consider proceeding with your plan.
But if you experience a sinking, dark, icky, or alarmed feeling, pay attention. The action you pictured is not right for you. Contemplate other options. Perhaps you could send the individual telepathic messages. What would you like to express now? Consider writing these thoughts in a pretend letter.

In taking action, always work hand in hand with your good common sense. Oracles are meant to inspire us forward and open new doorways. They never push us to do anything, especially something unwise.  
Third, ask whether the sign is trying to prepare you for something ahead. If the answer is yes, you will sense it, even though you don't have full information yet. Think about what kinds of events could possibly unfold. This mental activity will help prepare your psyche for whatever may come.   
For example, the person you were thinking about may be getting ready to contact you unannounced. You two may have a chance to establish closer rapport. Or the relationship may be closing down in a more final way. You may hear that a former lover has gotten married or a friend has passed away. Whatever direction the story takes, you will feel more supported because of your sign.
If these steps aren't sufficient, bring in help. Talking about your sign with a friend or advisor can release the intuitive knowing that you already carry. The psychic field that constellates when "two or more are gathered" can help you soar.
You can also seek another oracle to give you more insight. I do this all the time. I consult Ask The Guides or I Ching or oracle cards, saying, "Please help me understand the sign that eludes me." It's amazing how well this approach usually works. New perspectives open up that lead me to that ah-hah moment.
Your sign came to you for a reason. It has a beneficial message to deliver. By working with your own inner guidance, you can receive those gifts designed by the Cosmos just for you.


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