Wednesday, January 6, 2016


You open a book at random. Your eyes fall upon words that seem to be written just for you, that guide you forward.

Or, a magnificent hawk appears from nowhere and circles close above your head. At that very moment, you had been wondering, "Should I take a chance and launch my plan?"

It seems that you received a sign. But how can you tell?

I have been studying this question for many decades, observing my own experiences and talking to hundreds of people about theirs. I've read countless ancient and modern writings on the subject. I believe I have identified some tests we can use to judge whether we have received a genuine sign.

Ask yourself these questions:

1. Was I dwelling on an unresolved issue or problem when the sign appeared? Signs come to us when other sources of guidance have failed. Perhaps your mind has weighed all the options a dozen times, but you still can't settle on a decision. Other people may have given you their best counsel, but you still feel stuck.

2. Did the sign arrive suddenly, taking me by surprise?  Signs have a way of popping into existence out of "nowhere." That hawk was not there a second ago. Why did your hand reach for that book all on its own and open the pages just so?

3. Did I feel a small jolt inside when the sign connected with me? Important signs always carry a special psychic charge. I have observed this phenomenon over and over. It's like a stranger walks up behind you and speaks your name. You are startled, you pay attention, you have been addressed. Indeed, the word "oracle" comes from a Latin root meaning, "to speak." Oracles (signs are oracles) always address us in a deeply felt way.

4. Did the sign point me in a certain direction or help me resolve an issue? A true sign penetrates your psyche at a deep level. It makes connections for you that your conscious mind could not make. All of a sudden, you KNOW what to do. You may not be able to explain exactly why. But you know.

5. Did I feel a sense of peace afterwards? A universal quality of oracles is their power to bring us peace. We feel different inside. We feel aligned with something larger than the personal self, something awesome or sacred.

And why not? It seems as though the Matrix of Life has noticed our plight and created a sign brilliantly configured just for us. Because signs are so personal, other people may not quite get it when we try to tell our story. But we will carry the secret knowing within us always.

I hope these thoughts have been useful for you. I will have more to say about signs in our coming discussions. In the meantime, you might want to expand your ability to receive oracles by saying these words of affirmation:

I affirm that the Matrix of Life is always speaking to me. With joyful expectation, I watch for signs to carry me forward in the most beneficial way. I work hand in hand with my own inner wisdom to made good judgments in all that I do.



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